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Greg Goodnight


To all who are looking into a Lawler guitar.
I first met Donnie Lawler in 1994. It didn't take me long to
realize what an expert wood craftsman that he was and he
continues to get better as the years go by. I had Donnie custom
build me an acoustic 12 string in 1995. I was stunned at the
beautiful quality of workmanship as well as the excellent tone
and playability. I have played this guitar very regularly over the
years and it just keeps getting sweeter sounding. In 2005 I had
Donnie build me a custom 6 string out of West Texas Juniper wood.
I brought him the rough logs to build it out of and 6 months later he
presented me with a master piece. This guitar is truly a work of art.
It has a beautiful mellow tone and plays like a dream. I have received
countless compliments on both of my Lawler guitars, and I have experienced
great joy and satisfaction from owning and playing these guitars.
Greg Goodnight

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