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Basic Guitar Pricing


 Flat Top Included;                                                   ($4500.00)

{TOP}  AAA grade Sitka or AAA Engelmann Spruce

{Back & Sides} #1 Mahogany or #1 East Indian  Rosewood

{Fret Board, Bridge, and Face plate} Ebony

{Bracing} Spruce and Mahogany.

{Binding} Wood

{Tuners} Shaller

{Rosette}- three wood rings to match sides and binding


{upper bout}-11-1/4”


{lower bout}-15-3/8”

Top has 25' radius arch, top of sides are cut to match.

This frees up top to vibrate more freely an reduces the chance

of bellying up of the top.

Back has a 15' arch with sides cut to match.

Bone nut and saddle.

Clear lacquer finish buffed to an elegant shine.

Bolt On Neck




  20.-[Master Grade Engelmann Spruce]-----(+$75.00)

  21-[Master Grade Sitka Spruce]-------------(+$60.00)

  22-[AAA Grade German Spruce]-----------(+$115.00)

  23-[Master Grade German Spruce]---------(+$150.00)


  [Back & Sides]

  24-[Big Leaf Maple Flame Best]-----------(+$55.00)

  25-[Big Leaf Maple Flame Premium]-----(+$75.00)

  26-[European Maple Flame Good]--------(+$20.00)

  27-[European Maple Flame Best]---------(+$95.00)

  28-[Big Leaf Maple Quilt Best]-----------(+$75.00)

  29-[Big Leaf Maple Quilt Premium]-----(+$190.00)           

  30-[Hand carved arch back]---------------------(+$350.00 +Extra Material Cost)

  31-[Tapered Cutaway]----------------------------(+$400.00)


 [Other options available Email Specs. For Quote. Will Build To suite]


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