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Lawler Guitars

Custom Handmade Acoustic Guitars By Donald Lawler

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This Guitar is warranted by Lawler Guitars LLC to be free of defects in workmanship and or defects in materials. To the original owner only and is not transferable to any other owners. This warranty does not cover normal wear such as fret wear, neck resets, tuner wear, strings or any other wear deemed normal by Lawler Guitars. This warranty does not cover any damagescaused by misuse, negligence, improper use, accident or unauthorized repairs. This warranty does not cover damage caused by extreme temperature, humidity, extreme cold or contact with plastics or solvents or water. For warranty repairs instrument must be returned to Lawler Guitars at the expense of the owner. In the event of loss by fire, theft, or damage to your instrument while at Lawler Guitars LLC. ; Our responsibility shall be limited to replacement with a new instrument of same or most similar available style. This is lifetime warranty for the life of the original owner or the life of Lawler Guitars LLC which ever is terminated first.