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Lawler Guitars

Custom Handmade Acoustic Guitars By Donald Lawler

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 Gibson Repairs

Regluing braces

With back removed it is much easier to repair bracing (If there is enough to warrant the extra work of removing and replacing back). This one had a few cracked an loose braces. The bridgeplate had to be replaced there for I decided to get the best job it was necessary to remove the back.

Crack Repair

This crack was to wide so it had to have a spline.

The crack was beveled to except the spline.

Next the spline is epoxied in place an later it is

carved flush with the top.

Gluing Bridge Plate

Bridge plate is glued with a flat cawl an backer plate.

This will help remove an prevent belly up on front.

Adjustable Form

Adjustable form made to hold sides in place

while regluing back on after repairs. Form was designed

for this job and it worked well.

Regluing Back

Gluing back with go-bar deck gives even pressure

for a better glue joint. This works well when regluing

a back. The adjustable screw at the top of the neck

keeps the set of the neck correct while gluing.

Finished Repair

There were three or four cracks in this back that had

to be fixed. It turned out very well as you can see.

Finished Front

This is a good playing an nice sounding

Gibson once again. It is nice to bring the life

back to a family heirloom.